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  • Build Your Own Membership Program
  • Enable Subscriptions
  • Online Forms & Payment
  • Set Levels, Tiering
  • Self-Service

Build Engagement with Membership

Membership programs are a great way to build engagement and loyalty with your non profit organisation. Unity enables non profit organisation to tailor online membership capability for their unique requirements. Whether you are a non profit association with a formal membership requirement, or a charitable organisation with a ‘Friends of…’ style program, Unity can help streamline membership management for your organisation and its audience.

Online Forms and Payments

Engonet understand that non profit organisations are diverse, as are their needs for membership management. Unity provides the ability to configure membership management to the unique requirement of your organisation through self-managing membership type and information collected via online forms. Tie this together with Unity’s secure payment gateway and your organisation is able to provide a ‘one-stop-online-shop’ for full membership management.


Unity enables non profit organisations to manage time-based subscriptions for members, along with configuring all of the aspects needed to operate an effective subscription program. Members can manage their own subscriptions, set automated renewals, and update relevant information such as contact details, address, and payment information.

Set Levels and Tiering

Unity provides non-profit organisations the flexibility to create multiple membership levels and tiers, tailored to the unique needs of the organisation. Whether your level criteria is based on tenure, age, accreditation, or myriad other factors, Unity has the flexibility to support your need.


Giving members the ability to ‘self-serve’ creates enormous convenience for the member, with the bonus outcome of reducing the administrative workload of your organisation. Whether it is a simple update of personal details, or managing their full membership registration, Unity enables the win-win outcome.

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