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Online Store

  • Sell Merchandise Online
  • Full Category & Tagging System
  • Manage Discounts & Coupons
  • Automate Invoice & Tax Management

Easy Store Management

Most organisations offers goods or services for sale to its customers, members, donors, or the broader public. Unity enables easy online store management designed for the needs of both the non profit and business sectors. Create a list of goods or services for sale, set pricing, provide loyalty discounts, and more to enable fully online transactions for merchandise that is produced by your organisation.

Stay Organised with Categories

As an organisation’s online store grows, managing the product catalogue can be challenging. Unity makes product management easy through a simple combination of categories and tags that can be associated with individual products. With this information, Unity can automatically organise your store in to logical category areas that make it easy for your audience to find what they need and buy it.

Enable Intangible Gifts

‘Donation’ gifts are a great way of enabling people generously give to your non profit organisation on festive occasions. Unity enables the purchase of ‘donation’ gifts configurable by you. The purchaser can nominate the intended recipient and choose an eCard with the details of the donation gift. Unity manages the e-mail invoicing and enables your organisation to retain the details of the purchaser and gift recipient for future communication purposes.

Manage Taxes & Invoicing

Unity helps organisations address the hard parts of online transactions, by automating the collecting and recording taxes associated with purchases made by visitors to your web environment. In addition, Unity automatically e-mail tax receipts to purchasers with all the necessary details to help them manage their own financial records. Purchases can even log in afterwards to re-print receipts at tax time.

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