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Content Management

  • Manage Your Own Web Content
  • Easy for Non-Technical Admins
  • Add Text, Tables, Photos, Videos
  • Wizards for News, Events, Rotators
  • Connect Everything to Social Media

Easy Yet Powerful

Managing content on your website should be easy. Unity enables full administration of your website with the skills you already know from using applications like Microsoft Word. Whilst being easy to understand and manage, Unity delivers the power of enterprise-grade Content Management Systems that lets organisations take control of the content and structure of their web and mobile environments.

For the first time, I can manage our web environment without the cost of hiring a web guru.
Vanessa Marrama
Communication Manager, BrainLink Services  

Create and Manage

Unity offers a user friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) content creation capability that is flexible yet helps you keep a tight rein on visual consistency across your web environment. Add text, tables, photos and videos with ease and define styles for each that become pervasive across your environment. Unity also provides built in wizards for integrating content from YouTube, Google Maps, and other major services to help keep your web environment fresh and vibrant.

Built-In Wizards

There are some content management tasks you will do regularly, such as creating a news article, blog entry, or event. Unity provides built in wizards that help you quickly create content for your most common tasks. Creating a beautifully formatted news article or announcement is a two minute job; updating an event is done with just a few clicks. Unity also enables easy ‘syndication’ of content to social media, meaning your new article or event can be sent to Facebook or Twitter the moment it appears on your website.

Connect Everything to Social Media

We understand that an increasing number of your audience visit your Facebook page or see your Twitter feed more regularly that they visit your website. Unity empowers non profit organisations to bring together web and social media through content syndication. Content syndication is the act of creating content once (e.g. a news article), and simultaneously sending that piece of content to both your website and social media assets. Simple, two clicks, and helping to unify your digital assets and audience.

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