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  • Contact Management
  • Enable Secure Sign In
  • Manage Transaction History
  • Provide Self Service Options
  • Single View of Visitor

Identity Is Your Most Valuable Asset

When a visitor arrives on your web or mobile site, you want their first visit to be the beginning of a longer relationship with your organisation. Identity enables visitors to record their information the first time they make a transaction, and continue to use this identity for all of their engagement with your organisation. Identity enables you to stay in touch, manage their transaction history, and market new events and appeals to your growing audience.

Identity enables us to better understand our donors, and get better insights in to being more relevant to our audience.
Carol Croce, COO
Child Wise

Secure Sign In

Unity enables your non profit organisation to create areas of your web environment that are only accessible to ‘signed in’ visitors. Easily build a ‘members-only’ section, or even create a secure area for your staff or board members to access documents and forms. Secure Sign In offer myriad opportunities for personalised audience engagement.

Manage Transaction History

Identity enables organisations to track the transaction history of its visitors. For example, Unity makes it possible to see a consolidated list of payments, event registrations, online store purchases and other actions a visitor may make over the course of their engagement with the organisation.

Self Service

Giving visitors the ability to ‘sign in’ enables rich self service options when it comes time to update their personal details or manage their transactions with your organisations. Unity enables visitors to sign in with their credentials, and execute actions such as update their personal information, change their membership, print out receipts, adjust recurring donation payments and many other everyday tasks.

Single View of Visitor

Engonet understands the importance of good reporting capability for all organisations. Unity’s easy-to-manage reporting module enables a ‘single view’ of visitor, which captures on one page their full engagement history with your organisation overtime. This sophistication of reporting helps your organisation support its visitors and make better decisions.

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