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“Engonet delivers our full web platform and helps us innovate around online engagement”Richard Vines, CEO - Rare Cancers Australia

The Starting Point

Rare Cancers Australia is a new non profit organisations established to support people living with less common cancers. Launched in July 2012, Rare Cancers Australia needed to engage a national audience to generate awareness and fundraising outcomes. Richard Vines, CEO, explains, “We knew we needed more than an ‘online brochure’ to get the message out there. Engonet helped us not just tell our message, but enabled people to get engaged around the cause.”


In a few short months, Rare Cancers Australia was successfully reaching over 3,000 visitors a month and generating over 80% of its donation revenue through online fundraising.


  • Thousands of visitors in just a few months
  • Over 80% of donations derived from online fundraising
  • Developed comprehensive cancer directory resource
  • Connected visitors across web, mobile and social media

Building Online Community

Rare Cancers Australia attracted new and existing visitors to its web presence through a combination of regular updates, event postings, and opportunities for social fundraising within their web ecosystem. In February, Rare Cancers Australia launched in signature annual fundraiser, the Kosciuszko Challenge, and in their first event attracted an average $900 in peer-to-peer fundraising per event participant.

Event Hub

An important pillar of Rare Cancer Australia’s outreach campaign is community events. Within the space of a few short months, Unity enabled Rare Cancers Australia to promote key events including the Kosciusko Challenge which was a major awareness and financial success for the organisation. Rare Cancers Australia continue to build out a rich events calendar, all managed by Unity.

Directory of Cancers

One of the core purposes of Rare Cancers Australia was to provide information and knowledge to people impact by less common cancers. With Engonet’s help, Rare Cancers Australia created a fully searchable ‘Rare Cancers Directory’ listing hundreds of types of rare cancers, including information, treatment and references to additional resources.

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