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UNITY for Education Institutions 

Capability Check List 


Web Content Management

Flexible and user friendly control of pages, layouts, menus, images, video and text across web assets.


Secure Online Payments

PCI Level 1 secure online payments directly to your banking facility.


Membership & Communities

One time and recurring donation acceptance, receipting, and management. 


Social Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising inside your web site with no commissions to pay to third parties. 


Event Registration

Promote events and accept registrations and payments through your web and mobile sites. 


Identity Management

Enable secure login to create secure content portals within your web and mobile sites. 


Social Media Integration

Seamlessly publish to Facebook and Twitter right from the UNITY control centre. 


Directory Management 

Manage and share directories of information, such as Knowledge Bases and more. 



"Unity enabled us to collaborate with Universities and researchers across Australia. Unity help us create communities, manage events, and fundraise across our network."

Maureen Turner, CEO

  BioGrid Australia 


Making it Easy to Control Web Content

The Unity Content Management System (CMS) is a flexible and easy to use tool for controlling all of the content across your web and mobile sites. Pages, menus, templates, images, text and video are all controlled through a friendly interface that give non-technical users all of the control needed to produce beautiful web content. The Unity CMS also caters for the needs of advanced administrators with full content control at an HTML level.


Personalising the Online Experience

Education institutions must ensure its web presence serves the needs of a broad audience, including educators, students, and parents. Unity enables education institutions the ability to create secure logins based on role (e.g. "student"), allowing portals of information that are specifically useful to your diverse audience. 


Alumni & Communities

Unity's rich membership and event management capabilities enable education institutions to deliver an end-to-end digital platform for helping Alumni and other communities stay close to your institution. Unity enables full membership management capability (including collection of recurring dues), event management for bringing the community together, along with communication tools such as e-mail distribution lists and much more. 


Event Calendars with Online Registration and Payments 

Education institutions host more events, meetings, group trips, and fundraising activities than any other sector. Unity streamlines the creation, registration acceptance and ongoing management of these events all within your institutions website. Unity enables Non Profit organisations to create events, set multi-level fee structures, accept registration and payments all in one system. Attendees are automatically e-mailed a confirmation and receipt, and reminded of the event as the date approaches. Administrators can update regular events to fundraising events with one click, enabling registrants to set up a personalised fundraising page in support of their participation. 


Powerful Online Fundraising  

Unity helps Education institutions open a world of fundraising opportunities and ways for visitors to contribute. From basic donation (one time or recurring) through to amazing event-based fundraising and social giving campaigns, Unity has your bases covered. Unity enables:

  • Secure donation acceptance (one time and recurring)
  • Automated e-mail receipts and tax invoices
  • Peer-to-peer, personalised fundraising pages associated to events or campaigns (saves on commissions with third party fundraising sites)
  • Community-initiated events and event-fundraising


Unity enables your visitors to take the full Giving journey directly within your own web environment, keeping your audience close and bringing their friends and relatively in to your web ecosystem.


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