Dialog Box

“We're engaging better with our patients, supporters and clinicians”
Peter Monaghan - Director, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc 

The Starting Point

Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc is Australia's leading specialist clinical treatment, education and research facility for a wide variety of skin diseases, skin cancer and melanoma. Established in 1987, the Foundation has become Australia’s centre of excellence in skin care.


As Skin & Cancer Foundation's Director of Corporate Affairs, Peter Monaghan, explained, “We knew we were not communicating well online, and were looking for a way to engage patients, supporters, clinicians and the corporate community in a more streamlined manner.” Engonet worked with the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc to implement a platform of online engagement capability that is enabling the Foundation to reach its audience, fundraise effectively, manage events, and keep track of all of its online relationships. 


  • Easier to manage web and mobile content
  • Online workshop registrations
  • More effective event fundraising
  • Empowering the audience to act
  • Donor management & reporting

Taking Control of Fundraising

Previously, the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc was dependent on third party services for crowd fundraising (i.e. social and peer-to-peer fundraising). With Engonet, the Foundation has brought its fundraising campaigns in to its own web environment. The Foundation now keeps its audience engaged in its web environment, and is saving thousands on third party fundraising fees and commissions. With no commissions, the Foundation is now able to pass 100% of donations through to its projects and donors love that!

Better Event Organisation

The Skin & Cancer Foundation hosts a range of events from large fundraisers through to corporate training sessions on professional development courses. Previously, event registrations were managed via e-mail or paper records, creating administrative overload and dissatisfaction from event attendees. Now, the Foundation accepts online registrations and payments via their web environment and incur no fees or commissions, nor do they lose visitors from their site. Win-win for the Foundation and its audience.

Uniting Web and Social Media

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc enjoy a vibrant Facebook and Twitter community. Unfortunately, this community rarely made the transition to engaging with the Foundation as their previous web environment did not support engagement workflows. With Engonet, the Foundation now enables better flow of visitors between its website and Facebook, enabling visitors to take action in support of the cause.

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