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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation 



“Site traffic and online giving has increased dramatically...the feedback has been incredible.”
Camilla Cooke - GM Brand & Communications, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation 

Building Online Engagement


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is Australia's largest fundraising and advocacy body for research in to a cure for brain tumours and brain cancers in Australia.


In early 2014, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation updated is name and brand to reflect a renewed focus on its mission to increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.


As part of this rebranding, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation approached Engonet to help build a web presence capable of empowering its audience to get more engaged in events, appeals and peer-to-peer fundraising across Australia. Within 90 days Engonet produced a new web presence on the Unity platform that has transformed Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's online engagement, and the results speak for themselves.



  • 5x increase in site traffic
  • Social & traditional online giving in one place 
  • Community-event based fundraising
  • Full mobile enablement
  • Donor management & reporting

Localised Onling Giving


A key driver of engagement on the Foundation's site is the ability for donors to choose the way they support the Foundation. The Unity platform enables Foundation supporters to make basic donations, support appeals, sponsor a friend's fundraising campaign and even set up their own social fundraising campaigns all within the Foundation's site. This breadth of support options has helped the Foundation dramatically increase online giving in just a few short months, and helps them avoid transaction fees and commissions with third party sites.

New Event Hub


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation hosts a range of events from large fundraisers through to community support groups and training sessions. Previously, event registrations were managed via e-mail or paper records, creating administrative overload and dissatisfaction from event attendees. Now, the Foundation accepts online registrations and payments via their web environment and incur no fees or commissions, nor do they lose visitors from their site. Win-win for the Foundation and its audience.

Uniting Web and Social Media


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation enjoys a vibrant Facebook and Twitter community. Unfortunately, this community rarely made the transition to engaging with the Foundation as their previous web environment did not support engagement workflows. With Engonet, the Foundation now enables better flow of visitors between its website and Facebook, enabling visitors to take action in support of the cause.

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